Lighting Suspension Cord (LSC) is a newly developed hybrid cord that incorporates AWM style cord in three, four, and five conductors with 1/16” aircraft cable.

  • AWM style cord
  • UL recognized
  • Gives the suspension a refined look
  • Blends the aircraft cable seamlessly into the power cord
  • Kits with Lighting Suspension Cord does not need cable ties

Installation Tip: Be sure to leave the insulation on the aircraft cable until you’re ready to insert into the Gripper/Couplers. Cut to length before stripping insulation to avoid fraying the 7×7 steel cable. The insulated aircraft cable will easily break away from the power cord for your installation on canopy and fixture.

The Newly developed MGR CC1/4-202 P NK (below ) is a Gripper/Coupler that accepts aircraft cable for ease of assembly.

Cord Part# Colors Featuring
LSC 18/3 AWM White or Black 300 V 105 C 18/3 AWM w/1/16" Cable
LSC 18/3 & 22/2 AWM White or Black 300 V 105 C 18/3 & 22/2 AWM w/1/16" Cable

Variation Information

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