Fixture and Ceiling Attachment Methods

High Bay Kits

Introducing the LG Gripper for Easy Install of High Bay Kits

The LG Gripper is sleeker than traditional quick lock grippers


HK-LG-XXX 1-16


HK-LG-Kit & HB-LG-Kit pictured

  • Pendant Systems has a variety of suspension solutions for lighting industrial and warehouse locations.
  • High Bay suspension kits are the most economical way to suspend commercial lighting fixtures1.
  • Pendant Systems offers many variations of high bay kits for different structures and fixture attachment methods.
  • Our high bay kit product line includes Loop and Paddle kits, Y-Cable kits, Loop-End, Y-Hook,V-Hooks and Y-Hook and Paddle kits.

1 While our high bay systems do not address the electrical feed in most of the simple kits, we do stock a variety of power cord and strain relief products that can be used with the high bay suspension systems.

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