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Cable Grippers

A Gripper is a sophisticated piece of hardware that allows an electrician to adjust the height of a fixture without utilizing tools. As a cable slides through the gripper a plunger and three balls within the gripper surround the outside diameter and catch the cable as it passes through the gripper. When mounted and weight is applied to the gripper, the tension forces the balls to grab the cable in a pinching movement.

Pendant Systems offers over 30 grippers. Our gripper inventory offers several grippers in different diameters and screw sizes. The knock out of the fixture is an important factor in selecting the correct gripper. Below is a quick chart to match the knock out of the fixture and the gripper diameter or screw size! Grippers can be used in many mounting applications including but not limited to j-box, drop ceiling, masonry and unistrut projects. Grippers are made to withstand weight of a fixture. Check out our cable gripper and cable strength statistics for more details.

Gripper DIA Size

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