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Pendant Canopy Sets

Pendant Canopy Sets

Pendant Systems offers Traditional Canopy Sets and Magnet Mount Canopy Sets in 1/8″IP, 1/4″IP, 3/8″IP, & 1/2″IP diameters.

Canopy kits are offered in 5″ Canopies and 3.5″ Round Canopies.

(Kits utilizing 3.5″ Round or Square Canopies are designated with the word “Micro” in front of Part#)

1.  Magnet Mounted Kits are our new offering. Magnet Mounted Kits offer a beautiful & sleek look.

  • Magnets support the canopy, so you lose the slip ring for an effortless design.
  • The Magnet Mounted Kits are priced similar to Traditional Pendant Kits so try them today!

2.  Both Traditional and Magnet Mounted canopy sets include canopy, crossbar and hardware.

3.   Stems vary in length and are sold separately

Canopy sets are white unless otherwise noted within part number.