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This section is dedicated to understanding cable systems and various components.


Non-Feed Kits

A non-feed kit does not have power, nor does it necessarily have to be fastened to a junction box. A non-feed kit can utilize a one piece or the two piece cable coupler for a more universal look.

A canopy only has to have a center hole for mounting hardware and can be as small as 2 inches in diameter to cover a mounting clip on a T-Bar or fastener on the ceiling

Feed Kits

Generally, a feed kit is mounted on a junction box using a crossbar. Sometimes the Feed Cord will start from another Junction Box located in the ceiling but not the mechanical suspension point.

A feed kit has a SJT cord coming through the canopy with a strain relief and a two piece cable coupler that allows access to the junction box without dropping the fixture.

Cable Couplers

The top side of the assembly (ceiling side) will have a cable with a molded stop on one end. The stop will fit into a cable coupler which has a hollow area and a female threaded 1/4″-20 thread on the top. The cable coupler acts as a fastener after the cable is pulled through the stop in front of the cable coupler.

A C-Slot Cable Coupler will allow the cable to adjust for a vaulted ceiling and allow the cable to hang perpendicular to the floor.

Two Piece Cable Coupler

One Piece Cable Coupler

Two Piece Cable Coupler

One Piece Cable Coupler

Power Feed Tube

There is an additional part called a Power Feed Tube which can be used between the gripper and the fixture which allows the cord to pass through the same hole as the gripper. This is useful for single cable fixtures that only have one mounting point and balance of the fixture is important.
PF-3/8 with a GR 1/4IP Gripper shown with power cord usage

Mounting Hardware

The mounting hardware that attaches to the back of the cable coupler on the ceiling side will vary depending upon the kit type and the building structure. Below are various techniques for handling different mounting situations.The fixture end has an adjustable Gripper . The top of the gripper has a plunger to allow movement of the gripper anywhere along the cable length. There are a multitude of grippers available for any size knock out on a fixture. Pendant Systems also has grippers that will grab a cross cable that will run from one side to the other on the fixture.


One Piece Cable Coupler

#89 2″ Canopy

#94 5″ Canopy W/#102 Strain Relief


Two Piece Cable Coupler

Two piece cable coupler assembly for fastening to junction box. The Coupler will hold the Canopy up.
Feed or Non-Feed Kit

Using #112 & 112-1/16 to make loop with stop end of cable for looping around building structure Non-Feed Kit

Lag Screw w/one piece cable coupler for Wood Mounting Non-Feed Kit

Butterfly Toggle w/one piece cable coupler for drywall applications
Non-Feed Kit

Bolt in application for mounting to Unistrut
Non-Feed Kit

IDS Clip Mounting for drop ceiling T-Bar
Non-Feed Kit

Drop ceiling J-Box for Feed Locations makes for a easy Code Compliant Installation.

Typical Junction Box Mounting w/Strain Relief for Cord Feed or Non-Feed Kit


Bottom Exiting Gripper


Side Exiting Gripper


Made for Crosscables


Crosscables captive on 8” Crosscable with half balls on ends (also available with paddles). Often used with keyhole slot on fixture

Loop End

Stand Off

Paddle in Steel Deck

Power Cords

Power Feed Tubes can be used between a gripper and the fixture. Power feed tubes allow the passing of a cord through the same hole as the gripper. This application is useful for a single cable fixture that only has one mounting point and balance of the fixture is important.

18/3, 18/4 & 18/5 White and Black SJT

12/3 & 12/4 SJT (White and Black)

Used on Track Lightings Kits or Large Continuous Row Applications

18/3,18/4,18/5 Metal Braid w/ClearJacket

Looks very similar to aircraft cable

18/3 & 18/4 White SVT Coil Cords

Available in standard length for 1′-4′ applications and Extra Long for 4′-12′ applications

18/3 & 18/4 Black SVT Coil Cords

Available in standard Length for 1′-4′ applications and Extra Long for 4′-12′ applications

18/3 Clear SVT 18/4 Clear AMW2661

18/3 & 22/2 Straight Cord

18/2, 18/3, 18/4, & 18/5 Clear Foil

18/2 SVT

18/6 Straight Cord