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Magnet Mount Canopy Sets

Pendant Systems offers Magnet Mount Canopy Sets in 1/8”, 1/4″IP, 3/8″IP, & 1/2″IP diameters. Magnet Mount Canopy Sets are aesthetically pleasing with a clean and vibrant look. Stems vary in length and are sold separately

New Internal Thread Stems

1/4″ IPS, 3/8″ IPS, and 1/2″ IPS Stems are 16-gauge steel tubing and threaded 3/4” at each end. 1/8″ IPS Stems are 18-gauge steel tubing.
Stock finish is a white powder coat finish. (black and raw also available)
Internal Diameter threading is now available on 1/4″ IPS (1/8″ IP thread) & 3/8″ IPS (1/4″ IP thread) steel tubing.

New Quick Connection Gripper

Lighting Suspension Cord (LSC) is a newly developed hybrid cord that incorporates AWM style cord in three, four, and five conductors with 1/16” aircraft cable.

• AWM style cord
• UL recognized
• Gives the suspension a refined look
• Blends the aircraft cable seamlessly into the power cord
• Kits with Lighting Suspension Cord does not need cable ties


Pendant Systems offers Traditional Canopy Sets and Magnet Mount Canopy Sets in 1/4″IP, 3/8″IP, & 1/2″IP diameters. Canopy sets include canopy, crossbar and hardware.


New ID threading on 1/4” IP & 3/8” IP stems; 1/8” IP, 1/4” IP, 3/8” IP & 1/2” IP stems available


Cord Kits hang a light weight pendant without extra cables for a no fuss, no mess installation.


Non-Feed Kits have the actual suspension cable for fixture support and available based on the ceiling structure.


Cable Kits provide a complete solution for hanging fluorescent direct/indirect type fixtures. Kits come complete with a suitable gripper for tool-less height adjustment of fixture as well as hardware appropriate for the ceiling type and are available with cord to supply power to fixtures.


High Bay Kits are the most economical way to suspend commercial lighting fixtures. Our high bay kit product line includes Loop and Paddle kits, Y-Cable kits, Loop-End, Y-Hook, and Y-Hook and Paddle kits.


Pendant Systems offers over 30 grippers. Our gripper inventory offers several grippers in different diameters and screw sizes. The knock out of the fixture is an important factor in selecting the correct gripper.


Pendant Systems can provide straight cord with jacket pulls, stripped individual conductor strips and ground ring terminals with our UL Wire Process
Label # E-325558.


Our detailed drawings can help you clearly visualize the structure of your pendant systems. We offer drawings of cable puck assemblies, cable feed assemblies, monopoint kit assemblies, & more.


Pendant Systems is a manufacturer of pendants (stems), canopy sets, and cable component parts used for the LED, fluorescent lighting suspension, track lighting, exit lighting, and HID lighting markets. We specialize in the packaging of complete pendant canopy and cable canopy sets offering private labeling and barcoding customized to meet customer requirements.

Pendant Systems creates custom kits with power cords quickly and efficiently for lighting fixture installations. One size does not fit all, tap into our knowledge and save time and money by creating kits with parts your team needs. We can customize the kit mounting hardware to the job’s ceiling type saving your customer, labor with an easier install.

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