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Cable Puck

Cable Puck


The Cable Puck is a Cable mounted accessory for 3-Cable or 4-Cable mounting cylinders and other items. The three or four cable mount gives more stability in balancing the fixture without effort. The three legs are fixed in length and available in five sizes 8″, 12″, 16″, 24″ & 36″.

  • The half ball ends drops into the Cable Puck for simple assembly.
  • The insertion of the fixture end of the cable is by use of our paddle system which only requires a 1/4” hole in the fixture in the three or four cable mount locations. Alternate attachment methods are also available.
  • Height adjustments are made with one center mounted 1/4”-20 male gripper that also completes the assembly of both halves of the Cable Puck. The Gripper can be side or bottom exit as there is a cable exit hole on bottom of the Cable Puck.
  • The Cable Puck has an integrated cord hole for cord management.
  • This accessory is also available as an option on our Cable Matrix as a complete Cable Canopy Set. (Suffix CPXX or CPXX-4)

Please see installation sheet for more details!
Patent# US 9109745B2

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