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Power Cords

Over the past several years we have added new machinery and numerous different power cords as part of our product offering.  We offer an assortment of cord from 14 Gauge , 18 Gauge to Combined 18 and 22 Gauge Cord Combinations. Cord is available per foot in bulk spool lengths or cut to specific lengths with jacket strips and wrapped with a wire tie. Special sizes can be accommodated by request along with conductor strips and #10 ground ring terminals.

  • All cut wire is processed under Pendant Systems UL Wire Process Label # E-325558.
  • Color variations include clear foil, white, black, gray, and metal braid.
  • Straight cord with jacket pulls, stripped individual conductor strips and ground ring terminals.
  • Cord information embossed not printed on jacket
  •  Sonic welded fuse tip conductor ends also available
  • All hanked cords done into a circle to prevent memory
  • Power cord can be provided in bulk or spooled down for smaller parcel package shipments
  • Cord Informational Drawing

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