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2022 Code Compliance Change

  • Notice: 2022 Code Compliance Change: Cords with Purple/Gray dimming control conductors will change to Purple/Pink  per the NEMA 119 Technical Bulletin. 
  • This change over in inventory will begin in the 3rd Quarter of 2021 and all mill reorders will reflect the change.
  • Inventory turnovers will determine exact crossover .
  • New versions of cord will be reflected in part# change with a “-p” in suffix.

Over the past several years we have added new machinery and numerous different power cords as part of our product offering.  We offer an assortment of cord from 14 Gauge , 18 Gauge to Combined 18 and 22 Gauge Cord Combinations. Cord is available per foot in bulk spool lengths or cut to specific lengths with jacket strips and wrapped with a wire tie. Special sizes can be accommodated by request along with conductor strips and #10 ground ring terminals.

  • All cut wire is processed under Pendant Systems UL Wire Process Label # E-325558.
  • Color variations include clear foil, white, black, gray, and metal braid.
  • Straight cord with jacket pulls, stripped individual conductor strips and ground ring terminals.
  • Cord information embossed not printed on jacket
  •  Sonic welded fuse tip conductor ends also available
  • All hanked cords done into a circle to prevent memory
  • Power cord can be provided in bulk or spooled down for smaller parcel package shipments
  • Cord Informational Drawing


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