Cord Kit Mini GS
Cord Suspension Kit
Black, White, Nickel, or Brushed Nickel

Cord Kit for a simple light weight suspension with 5-lb max. capacity.

Very low profile and simple design.

Parts included:

  • 1- Cord Grip- Mini Cord Grip 1/8 IP Male
  • 1- 6″ Green Ground Lead
  • 1- #58 Crossbar Zinc W/GS 1/8 IP
  • 1- #93B Stud Canopy 5.0″ W x 0.25″ Deep
  • 1-#275 8/32″ Nut
  • 1-#32 Ground Screw


1. Kit will only work with SVT or round cords with diameters of .190″-.260″

2. Mount Crossbar with extruded thread hole towards canopy

3. Use compression fitting cap to retain canopy against canopy and ceiling while compressing cord.

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