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18/2,18/3,18/4,18/5 Clear Foil Power Cord-300V

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SKU: (SCCOIL 18/2 SVT CL RB)- 18/2 Clear AMA FOIL WRAP- with red and black conductor strips- .235" OD, (SCCOIL 18/3 SVT CL FOIL)- 18/3 Clear AMA FOIL WRAP- with Green, White, and Black Conductor Strips-.249" OD, (SCCOIL 18/4 CL FOIL)-18/4 Clear AWA FOIL WRAP- with Green, White, Black and Red Conductors-.259" OD, ( SCCOIL 18/5 CL LV ) – 18/5 Clear AMA FOIL WRAP Power Cord- with conductor stripes of green, white, black, purple & Pink .290" OD, (SCCoil 18/5 Clear SJT) 18/5 Clear SJT Foil Wrap With-Green, White, Black, Purple & Pink Conductors- .356" OD