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Lighting Suspension Specialists

Pendant Systems is a manufacturer of pendants (stems), canopy sets and cable component parts used for fluorescent lighting suspension, track lighting, exit lighting and HID lighting markets.

We specialize in packaging of complete pendant canopy and cable canopy sets including private labeling and bar coding customized to meet our customer's requirements.

Cable Products

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Cable Products

Power Cords

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Pink Day at Pendant Systems!

Pendant Systems honors those who have lost their battle with Breast Cancer and salutes those fighting their way through the disease.

We lost Gina Evans (Gigi) our friend, co-worker, sister, aunt, niece and mother to breast cancer two years ago and we miss her each and every day. 

So while your looking "up" at lights and suspending fixtures and feel alittle love thats "Gigi" saying "hello."







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