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how do you Clean a Jordan 6 Shoe Browse article content Videos By CategoryFood DrinkHobbies, Games ToysThe Air Jordan 6 is a high end athletic shoe that is built for style as well as ability. It was worn by basketball player jordan during the first championship he and the Chicago Bulls won in 1991 and has remained popular since then. It is in your interest to keep them clean and looking beautiful. The Jordan 6 is made up mostly of a solid rubber sole and suede, Both materials that end up being cleaned regularly. There are some ways of maintaining your Jordan 6 shoes so they keep their new shoe appearance for years to come.Clean the suede with a clean brush and few drops of water. This should remove plenty of the dust, Lint and mild stains. strenuously scrub soiled or dusty areas. To bring the cleaning further, Buy a suede brush and a suede eraser from your regional shoe store. The bristles on the suede brush are thicker and more durable and will pick up a wider range of dirt then a toothbrush. Use the eraser as you would a pencil eraser by rubbing evenly on the area that ought to be cleaned. Use moderate amount of pressure and increase if the stain isn't removed.